I live it and I write it down.

Nkosi at Mellow Pages

The protagonist of my novel, The Ape is Dead!, doesn’t wanna be a “soft brother” hooked up with a white girl, but damn his white girlfriend is cool, and fine!  His so-called liberal college is politicized to the extreme, with a variety of interested parties insisting that he color-coordinate-date, and so he punks out and dumps his girl, and in the process learns about love, life, and the choices we make.

The Ape is Dead! is published by Crimson Cloak Publishing.  Click here to purchase it now!

Excerpts have appeared in Crimson Cloak Publishing anthology “Love Matters,” Akashic Books fiction seriesHobart Magazine, Crescendo City, and great weather for MEDIA’s “It’s Animal but Merciful.”

My second novel, Scott Free, is an on the road story about an African American aspiring filmmaker, ironically, stuck working the concession stand at a New York City movie theatre, trying to negotiate his dead end relationships, too.  He hops a Greyhound Bus $99 Special but en route to Hollywood lands in San Francisco where he becomes a professional toilet bowl cleaner, “Scotty Tissues,” and realizes that his life West resembles his life East as there’s really no escaping oneself.

Excerpts have appeared in Moonshot magazine’s issue #5 “ritornello,” and Akashic Books fiction series.

I have recently completed my third novel, The Beast, about a hip hop reporter caught up in the mix of murder mystery of a black cop killer and his subsequent assassination.

In addition, I am the author Writer’s Digest award-winning screenplay Love is Crazy, a romantic comedy about an obsessive compulsive and a kleptomaniac whose “give and take” is the right mix for love.

I have been published under the pseudonyms “Eshu Bandele” and “skoo d foo, da bom!”

My full works can be made available upon request.