Nkosi Ife Bandele

That N-Word’s Crazy!

Look, I just started texting, like, a year ago, so don’t gimme no shit… I’m establishing a “web presence,” “creating a platform” for my writing work. After I told a friend that I did not have a Facebook account, she declared, “You do not exist!” I got one now. I chose “That N-Word’s Crazy!” in part to pay homage to the late, super great Richard Pryor and perhaps the greatest of his live performances, “That Nigger’s Crazy!” to suggest that as a writer, I mean really as a “storyteller,” that I am more indebted to Pryor than the writers from whom I otherwise draw inspiration. Of course that doesn’t mean that Anais Nin, Gunter Grass, and Milan Kundera (among so many others) aren’t major influences, but Pryor’s conversation between a Wino and a Junkie reflects everything that I admire in great storytelling; irony for one, gut-busting humor and gut-wrenching pathos, too. Pryor’s the shit! (I may be, too) Let me also say that I find the expression “The N Word” sorta funny and ironic, stupid actually. That N-Word is crazy!

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