Nkosi Ife Bandele

That N-Word’s Crazy!

So it looks like Crimson Cloak Publishing is ready to publish my novel The Ape is Dead! and of course I couldn’t be more excited (and for you, too, dear reader!)…  Been discussing the cover design, and since I am into the title (taken from which of my favorite Shakespearean plays?  okay, said by whom, wiseguy?),  I would like the title to be displayed prominently and imaginatively, and so I have mixed feelings about any kind of image that may detract from it.  If anything, I’d like an artful drawing such as on the cover of Milan Kundera’s The Festival of Insignificance (dude has the best titles, always precisely representative of our time, or our needs from a writer of his caliber); also like Albert Murray’s cover of The Hero and the Blues on which Murray’s artfully-rendered face shares the cover along with his name and provocative title.  I was thinking that I’d like my title superimposed on a caricature of my face, my younger face granted, to suggests that the “new adult” protagonist of my book is having one big, ironic chuckle at the world given his rather complex state of existence.

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