Nkosi Ife Bandele

That N-Word’s Crazy!

Yikes, so much ugliness going on in U.S. society, specifically concerning the ongoing murder and general abuse of black men I feel I need to clarify the idea(s) behind my novel, The Ape is Dead!, which may sound trivial as a simple interracial romance story. As I have mentioned, the romance is my trope or analogy, if you will, that others feel perfectly, or naturally, justified in trying to control a black man’s body, so much so that these folks even dare to tell him what to do with his dick! Richard Pryor says we’ always holding onto our dicks “cause yall motherfuckas took everything else!” Of course the larger issues of my book are the kinds of subjugation that a black man faces, so the book in the most general sense deals with the ramifications of white supremacy, which includes direct racist actions such as white mob violence, police brutality, and a lot of mixed up unsolicited viewpoints based on that white supremacy ideology. My protagonist “Soup” (a rather mixed up fellow himself, who wouldn’t be?) in the end tries to escape all the bullshit by becoming an expat at first, and then returning and playing by the rules, but he becomes increasingly aware that, as the esteemed writer Milan Kundera once wrote about globalization, (an insidious distributer of these fucked viewpoints): “there’s no escape for anyone, anywhere”! HeavVEEE

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