Nkosi Ife Bandele

That N-Word’s Crazy!

Clearly, those who feel the need to counter with “all lives matter” fail to understand the use of irony, and that African American culture produces brilliant ironists.  In the broadest sense, irony reflects the ability to say one thing and mean another. Example: I say to my big son watching TV at night, “It’s late.”  He responds, “You think?”  So what am I, his dad, saying to him?  “Go to bed.”  What is he saying to me in response?  “Mind your own damn business, pops!”  Get it now?  So when my fellow African Americans insist that “black lives matter” they are not markedly saying that ONLY black lives matter.  In fact, for those of you offended who are neither Black nor White, they are not even talking to you, and if you had any sense, you would have long ago realized that your non-white ass doesn’t matter to white folks either, but, you know, that’s beside the point.  What the Blacks—who have a longstanding history of this linguistic genius, (SEE “BLUES” TO UNDERSTAND WHAT I MEAN),—are really saying specifically to the Whites is that my black life matters just as much as your white lifeThat said, I can’t recall that last time one of your cops murdered one of you for having a busted car tail light or selling a goddamn cigarette.  I mean, that’s fucked up, right?

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