Nkosi Ife Bandele

That N-Word’s Crazy!

I forgot to thank Lawrence King of Columbia’s Business School for helping me to see what should have been obvious about my novelLawrence repeated my title The Ape is Dead! and then added “the evolution of a black male.”  Honesty, I never really thought of my book in that way, actually the titled is lifted from Romeo and Juliet when Mercutio accuses the lovestruck Romeo of losing his animal nature as he falls for Juliet.  That’s what I had in mind for my protagonist “Soup” as he lets fashion and politics stand in the way his natural instinct, “Boy, don’t ever let nobody tell you what to do with your dick!”  The evolution that Lawrence speaks of refers to the book itself as well, as I am telling story different from the expected or typical.  Soup is more the 21st black man negotiating 21st century issues including his own psychological issues about how he wants to be perceived.  Regarding his relationship with his white girlfriend Vee, in Part One of the book “I Never Made a Move Too Soon,” he’s much less concerned with the noose than he is the looks, stares, and smirks.

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